There are many ways to get involved with Hawks Nest. Here's what you need to know.

Minimum membership requirements: Must be enrolled as a student at the University of Iowa or affiliated with the university in some fashion (e.g., faculty, staff, or administrator).

Levels of Membership:

General Member: Any student fan who attends an Iowa Hawkeye athletic event where there is a student presence is a member of the Hawks Nest, by default.

Insider Member: Any student fan who attends regularly scheduled meetings. Insiders can directly infuence organizational happenings as well as voice their opinions, ideas, and questions regarding Hawkeye athletics. For example, Insiders have access to a monthly newsletter, weekly game day reports, special promotional offers, and up-to-date information. Insiders will also have the opportunity to formally propose an idea or recommendation to the executive board. To become an Insider, simply attend a regularly scheduled meeting or register below.

Executive Officer: Any student fan who is elected to serve on the leadership board. These students are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization. Each executive member has one vote. There are roughly 10 positions on the executive board. 

  1. President

  2. Vice President

  3. Treasurer

  4. Director of Marketing

  5. Secretary

  6. Executive Officers (4-6 members)