These are the general rules that you must abide by when attending a Hawkeye athletic event as a member of The Hawks Nest.


rED AND goLD shall never be worn together.


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Learn the fight song

The word is "Fight! Fight! Fight! for IOWA,"
Let every loyal Iowan sing;
The word is "Fight! Fight! Fight! for IOWA,"
Until the walls and rafters ring (rah! rah!)
Come on and cheer, cheer, cheer for IOWA, 
Come on and cheer until you hear the final gun.
The word is "Fight! Fight! Fight! for IOWA,"
Until the game is won.

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Learn the victory polka

The song is played by the band and sung by the students after every victory.


In Heaven there is no beer
That's why we drink it here
And when we're gone from here
Our friends will be drinking all our beer


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We're playing, we're standing.


During breaks between quarters, we encourage people to sit down and take a load off. However, when the game is being played, we stand and supporting our Hawkeyes! 


The wave.

Starting in 2017, The Wave was featured on ESPN and won the Disney Spirit Award for the heartwarming gesture. At the end of the first quarter of every home football game, every person in Kinnick Stadium (fans, coaches, players, referees etc.) turn and face the Stead Family Children's Hospital that overlooks Kinnick Stadium and give the kids watching a wave. The Wave has rightfully been recognized as one of the greatest traditions in college football. 


know your hawkeye history

University of Iowa football has some of the richest history of any program in the NCAA. From 12-0, to Hayden Frye, to Nile Kinnick. Brush up on what makes Hawkeye blood run deep.